What is a Gobo?

The word „gobo“ is used in the world of light and lighting to mean a shaped template which is held in front of a light source to form a particular image in the light beam. The origins of the word are not proven but some sources quote it as possibly being an acronym for „graphical optical black out“ (Wickipedia.org).

Glass Gobos from Derksen

Gobos with simple shapes are made out of sheet metal whilst the more complicated and coloured graphics used for the majority of images are reproduced on glass gobos. Typically any free area in a metal gobo has to be connected to the gobo via a web, the inside of the letter O for instance, but the creativity allowed by glass gobos knows no bounds. Logos, graphics or texts of extremely high quality can be projected to appeal to the public. Even photographic pictures can be transferred onto glass gobos using a four coloured rasterĀ grid (CMYK). They can be in continuous use professionally and hold their colour whereas traditional slides and films begin to fade after a short time.

24-Hours Service

If we get an artwork file which meets our requirements (vector files or pixel files) before 12 am, the gobo can be delivered or picked up the same day.

Cost-Saving Reorders

Your artwork files will be archived for at least 5 years. When you reorder, you will only pay the lower duplicate price.