About Me

Abdulaziz Ismailcelebioglu

Chief Executive Officer

My name is Abdulaziz Ismailcelebioglu. I passed the Master examination in the Interior Architecture Study Programme of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf and get conferred with the academic degree of Master of Arts (M.A.) I have a wide range of interests in the Interior Design world but particularly love working with innovative light solutions for the Point of Sale, for museums and significant architecture projects. During my graduation, participating at a competition, designing a museum, i get in contact with the company „derksen lichttechnik“ where i was able to increase my knowledge and understanding in the field of innovative light solutions.

Innovative sources of light are gaining ground. Light has become one of the most important and origin means of design of contemporary architecture. Modern lighting techniques also enable objects and buildings to be accentuated and dramatically highlighted– even urban spaces can be attractively illuminated. Inner and outer spaces are harmonized and an increase in the quality of life is noticeably perceivable. Artificial sources of light bestows rooms and buildings with a new level of quality. Architects, designers and building owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of light planning in design and construction. Light creates an atmosphere, where human beings can live healthfully, work productively and relax. Images therefore, include candle-lit dinners, illuminated façades and innovative museum lighting. Yet not all light is equal.

As an Interior Architect i strongly believe, in the importance of requirements for light, for not only the technical aspects, but also the biological, architectural and esthetic effects of light that need to be taken into consideration. My Intention is to present you various solutions to ambitious light projects where esthetical and functional aspects merge. Have a look through our projects and get inspirated…