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Questions & Answers

What is a gobo?

A gobo is a template of metal or glass that is placed in front of a spotlight to project an image. The gobo carries the projection motif. Derksen manufactures gobos with up to 4 colors (CMYK halftoning) from special coated glass. All gobos are durable and do not fade.

What is the lifespan of an LED?

The life expectancy of an LED light source depends on many factors, including its operating temperature. An LED chip loses luminosity over time. In the technical specifications you will find the L70 parameter which specifies how many operating hours it takes until the brightness drops below 70 percent of the initial output. Even after this time, the projector still remains functional.

Are projections also visible in daylight?

Outdoors, projections remain invisible in direct sunlight or when the sky is overcast. The sun is a superior light source. Daylight outperforms any artificial light. With the sun shining through windows, the situation may be different: it must be tested whether the output of a projector is sufficient or not.

How are projection templates manufactured?

Derksen manufactures gobos according to customers‘ digital artwork files. The files are manually controlled and set up to meet the requirements of a high-power laser. The artwork is then engraved with high precision in special coated glasses. Depending on the number of colors, this process is repeated up to four times.

Why do LED lights require cooling?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) consist of semiconductor materials which do not glow as the filament of an incandescent lamp. Lifespan and luminosity of an LED drop if the operating temperature exceeds a limit. Efficient cooling therefore guarantees the reliability and brightness of a projection system.

How can a distorted image be corrected?

A distorted projection is caused by an oblique angle between the optical axis of the projector and the projection surface. If the projector cannot be positioned at right angles, it is possible to pre-distort the image on the gobo so that the result appears correctly. Derksen offers keystone correction as an optional service.

What is the difference between PHOS Projectors and Graphic Projectors?

The PHOS family is characterized by a compact, enclosed design. The projectors can easily be integrated in any interior. Graphic spotlights are larger and offer the possibility to use accessories for moving light effects, for example a projection clock or an automatic image changer. The most powerful system ranks among the Graphic Projectors: GL 1200, with 1200 watts metal halide lamp, for indoor or outdoor use.

What are the factors that influence the visibility of a projection?

The visibility of a projection for the human eye depends on the following factors: 1. Output power of the projector, 2. Ambient light intensity, 3. Distance, 4. Focal length of the lens, 5. Colour and texture of the projection surface, 6. Colour of the projection artwork. In difficult situations a test setup is essential.

Does Derksen also produce digital data projectors?

No. Derksen Lichttechnik specializes in analog projection technology and distributes its products in more than 36 countries. The special charm of the analogous gobo projection lies in its motionlessness and simplicity. In our world there is an irritating surplus of information and fast visual stimuli.