GL 80 LED Outdoor

The design of the GL 80 LED outdoor is derived from conventional graphic projectors Derksen has developed and produced since 1986. Instead of a 250 W metal halide lamp, the GL 80 LED uses an 80 watt high-power LED, featuring the typical characteristics of LED lamps: a long lifetime, low energy consumption and low maintenance.
The housing corresponds to protection class IP 23 and can be used in outdoor areas or damp interiors. Two waterproof lenses are available: the 63mm wide angle lens and the 85mm standard lens, which can be used to adjust projection size and distance. Accessories and light effects are not compatible with the GL 80 LED outdoor, since there is no protection from moisture. The recommended projection distance in normal room lighting is 8 meters, in darkness up to 20 meters. The GL 80 LED is particularly suitable for outdoor projections on facades, portals or pavements. The projection motif (gobo) can be changed without tools


GL 80 LED Outdoor - detailed specification sheet